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     VHS 2023 Online Championships     



Next Event: Aloha Dressage Society June 24-26

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#8149 Aloha State Dressage Society June 24-26, 2023 | Judge Ellen King USEF 'S'


Note: Rides submitted prior to shows dates may be judged early, at the judges’ discretion.


As of May 14, 2023, we shall not be sending results until the end of each day or early the next morning. This is to make sure all riders get their completed rides at the same time.  Rides are not reviewed in class order.

  CLASS 1: Test of Choice
No Rides Available

Codes: O=Open AA=Adult Amateur  JR=Junior  YR=Young Rider  RI=Risers  VI=Vintage  MS=Masters INC=Incomplete  TBA= To be announced  HC=Hors Concour

CURRENT HIGH POINT OF SHOW (Training/Basic Level or above)

Not Assigned

CURRENT HIGH POINTS BY DIVISION: (Training Level or above with 3 or more riders except Intro Divsion)

Professional (Open Class)

Not Assigned

Adult Amateur (AA Class)

Not Assigned

Young/Junior Rider (YR/JR Class)

Not Assigned

Introduction DIVISION ( Intro Tests Only )

Not Assigned