Riding is expensive.  Showing has become almost impossible. Drug fees, transportation fees, hotel fees, membership fees, all add up to making the experience, that was once accessible, impossible for the average person. We want to fix that.

VirtualHorseSport.com is a sponsored equestrian competition and clinic system that uses the patent pending technology called “Virtual Sport Competition”.  Designed and built by Debbie Kurth, the founder and owner of Multimedia Designs, LLC.   In short…we want to bring back the fun of showing.

It is a system that keeps test riding as private as possible, scores personalized, gives you access to top-notch judges in the industry yet keeps the former “fun”of riding against your friends and associates in a show-like format.


Easy to use. Privacy and control.  Your online test results are kept available for the entire show season, where you may review them at any time.  


After you have purchased and entered a show, under your Account you will see a tab called “Your Show Entries”.  This is where all your entered shows, with your videos are displayed.  Nothing is public.  The videos sits on our private video server and the scores remain equally safe, unless YOU choose to share them with others.


  • Virtual Horse Sport is fantastic!! It’s just like entering a show, but without all the hassle 🙂

    ~Lisa Webster
    Aloha Dressage July 24-28, 2020

  • This was great fun, and I thought the judge comments were pretty fair. I am motivated to keep doing this. I haven’t had this much focus in a long time. Thank you.
    ~ Judy Hembree

  • Thank you so much for this experience. It was really great practice after not riding for 6 weeks. What a wonderful opportunity.!

  • This has been a lovely experience! It is so very helpful to get a judges feedback. Thank you for your help!
    Lindsey Holleger

  • Thank you so much! It was lovely 🙂 
    Evgenia Stenberg

  • I  wanted to mention how nice it is to be able to watch the video and read the comments under it at the same time! Brilliant!
    Angela Michaelson

  • This was wonderful! I have lots of details to work on. Thank you!!!!
    ~Barbara Tuskas

  • I just picked myself up off the floor!  Bug hug for my trainer for encouraging me to send the video in.  The comments are great, and I’m sure we will work hard on everything that needs work, which is everything! I will recommend this to everyone I know!
    ~ Kathy Kircher

  • This was just great. Debbie Kurth was incredibly helpful with navigating the website. The judging was encouraging and very helpful. I will definitely recommend Virtualhorsesport.com to all my friends. Well worth the investment.

    ~Alice Davis

  • Yes, I liked this experience very much. I had never seen myself ride a test like this. Want to do again.
    ~Sariana Lee

  • Thank you so much !! Will be working on these things before the next show!
    ~Delice Murphy
    Aloha State Dressage Society Schooling Show July 2020
  • I love your website! So cool!  And… I’ve found that I prefer virtual shows to real shows 
    ~Lisa Webster
    Aloha State Dressage Society Schooling Show September 2020
  • We loved it! Great Experience!

    ~Taliah Klein-Danford
    Santa Barbara County Chapter of California Dressage Society
    October 24-26, 2020

  • Excellent! Lot of fun and great to get the judge’s feedback!

    ~Julie Boegner
    Santa Barbara County Chapter – California Dressage Society

  • I really appreciate the feedback, and I like the pairing of the score and comments right with my video on this site, so i can really see what i can work on. Entry and upload process was straightforward. Thanks! Great concept!

    ~Diane Brigham
    Santa Barbara County CDS