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WHAT IS VIRTUAL HORSE SPORT? is a licensed horse online show system based on a Utility Patented “The Virtual Sports Competition“.  This patent covers includes all online horse shows, judge training and other online sports in North America.

The Virtual Sports Competition
U.S. Patent No. 11,291,916 · Issued May 29, 2020


Riding is expensive.  Showing has become almost impossible. Drug fees, transportation fees, hotel fees, membership fees, all add up to making the experience, that was once accessible, impossible for the average person. We want to fix that. is a sponsored equestrian competition and clinic system that is a licensed user of the Utility patent ( pending ) called “The Virtual Sport Competition”.  The patent was filed in March of 2020, at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic and is owned personally by Debbie Kurth.   

The concept of top notch virtual horse shows was conceived, designed and built by Debbie Kurth, the founder and owner of Multimedia Designs, LLC.   In short…she want to bring back the fun and accessibility of showing that she had experienced in the late 1990’s into years 2000-2005.

It is a system that attempts the following:

  • Keeps test videos as private as possible
  • Generates your individual scores as in a location based show
  • Gives rapid score results to the riders by using internet technology. Such as via email and text messages
  • Gives you access to top-notch licensed USEF judges
  • Keeps costs down
  • Retains the former “fun”of riding against your friends and associates in a show-like format.
  • Makes judging virtual shows easy
  • Generates some money for associated chapters, clubs and organizations by sharing the profits.


Easy to use. 4 different ways to upload your test.  Privacy and control.  Your online test results are kept available for the entire show season, where you may review them, online, at any time.  After your test has been submitted and reviewed by a judge, you will get a email with your movement by movement test results and a text notification of when the test has been scored and verified.  

The tests allow riders to ask questions to the judge after their ride has been reviewed. 

Clubs and chapters get a complete digital record of scores their members achieved, when it was ridden what tests.  This allows for the chapter/club awards via the internet, expanding potential memberships.


All the tests are variants of the USEF, FEI, WDAA and WE association organizations. Due to print copyright issues, the movement of the tests are the same as a physically based show and the associated test sheet, but the description and presentation has been changed and varied.  As such and there is no official printing of the tests on this system. This system is a 100% Software based User Interface  communication system between judge and rider via internet technology.  


After you have purchased and entered a show, under your Account you will see a tab called “Your Show Entries”.  This is where all your entered shows, with your videos are displayed.  Nothing is public.  The videos sits on our private video server and the scores remain equally safe, unless YOU choose to share them with others.


VirtualHorseSport is a division of and supported by Multimedia Designs, LLC which pays for the server costs and any back office staff. It retains a percentage of every show entry to help cover these expenses and the yearly license fee. In 2020 and 2021, the license fee was waived, due to the pandemic.  The remainder of every entry goes to the judge and the sponsoring organizations.  A small fee, (3.0% + .30) goes to Stripe or PayPal, a merchant account for credit card processing.