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  1. All uploaded videos must not have been previously reviewed by other licensed judges in a schooling, virtual  or licensed shows.
  2. Videos of tests must be unedited from start to finish.  NO adding of introduction frames graphically.  Hand held sign, as stated in item 3, must be seen. 
  3. Video must be clean. Overlays of text, graphics or other non-photo based images, are not allowed.
    After entering the arena, prior to beginning the test a sign must be held up showing the name of the show, date of the show, horse’s name, rider’s name and test being ridden.  Remove the sign just before beginning the ride.

  5. Video must be captured in Landscape mode, not profile.  (Wider than tall) and keep the portions of the area within view.

  6. The test may be videoed from Letters C, with the sun at your back.

  7. The test may be called

  8. Coaching during the test is not allowed

  9. The natural background sound for the test must be audible

  10. If the judge determines that the horse appears lame or off, the judge has the discretionary right to excuse the ride and not continue scoring.Judge will make notes on the score sheet indicating their observations.  The Judge’s decision is final.

  11. If the rider is off-course during a ride.  The judge will make a decision of how to handle the mistake as outlined in the Judging Guidelines. Given this is video, a whistle can not be blown and allow the immediate re-ride of the movement.   Thus one of the following options will apply:

    1) The judge will choose to evaluate what is there.
    For example, if you did not do a movement, you will be given a 0 and a off-course error. 
    2) You will be emailed and given the option to re-ride the test with the corrected movements. The test will then be reviewed from the point of the error.

    The Judge’s decision, of which applies,  is final. 

  12. If the rider/trainer notices the horse is off or lame, PRIOR to submitting the video, a deferment will be given to another show.  The rider must contact the Show Office BEFORE  the last day of the competition. The horse’s welfare and health must be the first priority.

  13. If the purchaser of a ride, does not submit an entry with video, that is viewable, by the end of the purchased show, or does not request a deferment to another show prior to the end of the purchased show, the fees charged will be forfeited to Virtual Horse Sport.  There are no refunds. 

  14. There is no dress code, however clothing should be modest in presentation and functional.

  15. No draw reins will be allowed.

  16. Boots and wraps are allowed.

~Revised June 16, 2021
An Equestrian Service of Multimedia Designs, LLC