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Request a show date for your club, chapter, barn, show list or mailing group.  Virtual Horse Sport is a easy way to raise funds for your organization.  There are two different systems of fiscal organization.  You organize and pay for the judge or we take care of everything.  Read here for more information on the fiscal organization

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Request A Online Horse Show Date

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What dates would you like to request. You may request multiple dates. Please check our present calendar before making a request. The system is dedicate the to one show at a time, thus there can only be one show per day.
Western Dressage Recognition
A $35 fee per show is required by the Western Dressage Association
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trademark-39682_640 is a licensed system based on a Utility Patented
This patent covers includes all online horse shows, judge training and other online sports in North America.

The Virtual Sports Competition
U.S. Patent No. 11,291,916 · Issued May 29, 2020