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  1. Riding horses is a dangerous and subjective sport that can cause critical bodily injury and even death to human and equine, both directly and indirectly.  User’s of this online service AND their legal responsible guardian, acknowledge this risk and shall hold harmless the following:

    • All Show Sponsors, and it’s parent company, Multimedia Designs, LLC,  Multimedia Designs owner(s), Multimedia Designs Members,  Multimedia Designs officers, Multimedia Designs employees,Multimedia Designs  consultants or Deborah Kurth (aka Debbie Kurth) from any injuries or losses resulting participating in the events and services on this site:

  2. Persons under the age of 18, need to gain parental or guardian approval PRIOR entering any show.  

  3. All purchases are non-refundable, unless provider, Virtual Horse Sport does not provide the service purchased via cancellation of event, within 90 days.
  4. All Videos and Scores are kept online for the present show season.  They are cleared and deleted every December.
  5. does it best to verify that the rides submitted have not been used in front of any other licenses judge. If you know of a repeat ride submitted to another show, please contact us.

  6. does it best to notify riders of an event that has been purchased but no entry or video has been submitted.  It is the responsbility of the rider and buyer to submit this information and video prior to the end of listed event.  If no entry or video is supplied, no refunds will be authorized. 
  7. The safety of the rider AND the horse is a paramount importance.   All decision(s) are made from this point of view.
  8. Judges have the final say on the lameness of the horse and may elect to stop judging the ride.  No refund shall be granted in such event.
  9. Persons under the age of 18, need to gain parental or guardian approval PRIOR any purchase. Definition of “minor” are individual who by their birth date are under the age of 18.  As such, Legal guardians or parents  of  minors, according to the laws of the State of California, United States of America,  no matter what residency, are held responsible for all purchases.
  10. All legal issues shall be resolved in the State of California, Country of Los Angeles and City of Los Angeles, CA.
  11. Virtual Horse Sport, does not represent “The United States Dressage Federation”, “The United States Equestrian Federation”, the FEI, WE (Working Equitation), The United States Eventing Association or the Western Dressage Association of America.  We may, upon permission of each organization, supply online virtual shows in line with organization polices.  Please contact these organizations with questions on their particular rules and requirements.
  12. The user of this site acknowledges and agrees upon using this site and making an entry.
  13. follows horse movements but not descriptions, layout format  or directives of each test. No Directives will be supplied. Unless otherwise specifically stated, all tests performed  on this site via video, are considered schooling shows and will not be recognized by USDF, USEF, FEI, WDAA or regional organizations world-wide.
  14. No physical mailing of any tests shall be delivered to the participant.  All scores and associated reports are interactive and online.  No ribbons shall be provided by
  15. Organizations using this service, in the United States, Canada or World Wide, are not guaranteed a profit, entries or services from any event displayed on this site.
  16. Virtual Horse Sport Competition and Coaching Rules of the online event must be followed, including a sign at the beginning of each ride and continued un-edited.  Violation of rules may result in removal of ride and loss of entry fee.

Policies & Terms of Use
Multimedia Designs, LLC
March 1, 2020